Thursday, November 17, 2011

Destiny’s Child’s forgotten member

Kelly Rowland doesn't think Michelle Williams gets the "credit she deserves".
The 'Motivation' hitmaker was in Destiny's Child with Michelle and Beyonce Knowles, and she admits people rarely acknowledge how hard it must have been for her to join the group – after two original members left – in 2000.
She said: "You know, I completely salute Michelle for joining. She came onto a moving train that was going 1,000 miles per hour. Nobody every gives her the credit she deserves."
While many girl groups have been the focus of rumours about cat-fights in the past, Kelly says Destiny's Child were never like that, and she continues to be close with her former bandmates.
She told Stylist magazine: "Listen, you can't preach about having female power, supporting each other and being a unit, if you're not one. I remember one of the first solo projects Beyonce did, I was sitting there the whole video shoot supporting her.
"To this day, I could wake up one morning and there's this long text message from Bey or Michelle."


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