Monday, June 4, 2012


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Ultrasexy and gorgeous model turned actress, item girl Shifanjali Rao who has justended up with her Sizzling Bikini photo shoot now talks about her love for sports.She is a hardcore Football Fan. Being a fitness freak she says, “Football isanother way of staying in shape”. Her upcoming project is a sexy item song inAshish Mitra’s Bengali Film Bejanma.
Glamorousand sizzling Shifanjali Rao follows Barcelona and is a huge supporter of thisteam. Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho are her favorite football players. “I am crazyfor Lionel Messi and love his passion for football and I don’t mind settling inArgentina”, laughs the beautiful Shifanjali Rao. Football is the second largestgame loved by Indians after cricket. “I think just like cricket, football is avery energetic game, and also a very good form of exercise to stay fit andhealthy”, says the fitness freak model cum sporty Shifanjali Rao.
Footballhas been her passion since childhood, and use to love watching it with herfriends. Though she wasn’t a very good player, but her love for the game madeher participate in football matches, during her school and college days. Wewish her dream of meeting Lionel Messi comes true, and she keeps on continuingher love for football.
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