Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chandan Roy Sanyal was surrounded by spooky energies in Chapel

Chandan roy sanyal starrer “prague” which is produced by rohit khaitan and directed by ashish shukla is a psychological thriller.
Recalls Producer Rohit Khaitan,it was One of the finest scenes from our film which was shot in sedlec ossuary, which is a roman catholic chapel located beneath the cemetery church and The ossuary is estimated to contain the skeleton of 40, - 70,000 people, whose bones in many cases have been artistically arranged to give a decorative appearance to the chapel. While we were shooting in the church, chandan  suddenly suffered a serious headache ,due to the high energy in the church . He was already quite uncomfortable to shoot in such sought of  aura. He started feeling suffocated with dizziness, and the entire crew got really scared and decided to call off the shoot for the day.Though the medical help was already called  for,Rohit Khaitan suggested Chandan Roy Sanyal to take rest for a day but Chandan insisted to shoot further and finish up with the sequence as he understands the importance of shooting a film in a foreign location.
Producer Rohit Khaitan was immensely touched with his gesture and believes  he is one of the finest and the fastest growing Bollywood actors.


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