Monday, September 30, 2013

Bharat Ka Veer Putra..Maha Rana Pratap

30th September to 3rd October
Jalaal is broken with the news of his fathers' death. Bairam wants his coronation to be done sooner. Pratap is trying to accommodate himself in a small house in Talheti. We see difference between royals of Jalaal & commoner's life of Pratap. Mahamanga convinces Jalaal for a quick coronation post which Jalaal determines to kill Hemu in order to get Delhi back. Jaivantabai's eternal pain is surfacing post parting Pratap from herself. Jalaal & Bairam kills Hemu & get Delhi back. Jalaal is anointed as the king of Mughals. Sajjabai leaves the palace along with her younger son, Vikram. Pratap is restless yet trying to adjust himself all alone in Talheti. On the other hand, MahamAnga is provoking Jalaal against Rajputana. Pratap's friend Chakrapani invites him to his home for dinner there he gets to know about the tiger attacks in the village & Tiger dragging away a child. Upon hearing the cries of villagers Pratap rushes to jungle to save the kid but unfortunately the kid is long gone. There, Pratap gets face to face with Rana Poonja.

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