Thursday, October 31, 2013

C. I. D. Black Diwali

Black Diwali 1st November Friday and 2nd November Saturday
During diwali time, a man is being chased by goons and is shot. In a rich bungalow diwali is being celebrated by Dhananjay’s family. They light crackers and soon everyone becomes unconscious. The cops get a call that Ananya, (dhananjay’s daughter) is missing. The cops rush to investigate and send the crackers to the forensic as they feel something might be in the crackers. From the forensic the cops come to know that there was a chemical mixed in the crackers which made them lose consciousness. Soon the cops receive a call about a dead body being found, fearing it is Ananya the family and cops rush to the lake but are relieved to see that it is of a man. The man has no identity on him. Salunke tells about a chemical found from the man’s nail which leads them to a factory belonging to Dhananjay. Meanwhile the cops find out that the crackers were exchanged by a man who bumped into the servant at a sweet shop. Jatin has been killed before he can give the cops any information. Was he just a pawn in this plan? Why was Ananya kidnapped and why was Bobby working at Dhananjay’s factory? How are the two cases connected…The cops must go undercover and find out what the dangerous gang is planning. Meanwhile there is another sinister plan which endangers the life of hundreds of people. There is a race against time and the cops must save the girls and catch the culprits before disaster strikes.
Tune in to Sony Entertainment Television Friday to Sunday at 10 pm


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