Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adaalat- Naagin 4th January & 5th January , Saturday and Sunday -

We see a death of a geological student . The cause of death being snake bite. She was part of this group who had killed a snake and dug out treasure. The accused is Abha who was with them and had a fight with them as they were insulting her. She is accused of taking the treasure as well. However one by one the rest are getting killed too. So they are scared that it’s the Naagin taking revenge of the Naagin .The snake tries to attack KD too the court.  What is the truth behind these deaths? How are they getting bitten by snake? is it really the Naagin taking revenge? Has Abha really stolen the treasure?

Oberoi Mall, Goregaon turns 10

Oberoi Mall, one of the trendiest shopping destinations in Mumbai kick started its 10 th Anniversary celebrations from the 6 th April a...