Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bharat Ka Veer Putra ..Maharana Pratap-30th December to 2nd January

Pratap has revealed to his parents that he won’t participate in anymore wars. Jaivantabai reacts on this & tries to insist him but Uday Singh very understandingly handles the situation. Uday Singh plans to personally go to Bhils and convince them to be with Rajputs. On the other hand Bairam Khan senses Uday Singh going to Bhils and asks Rao Surtan to declare a war against Chittor to keep Uday singh and army busy. Pratap learns of Meerabai being in Pushkar and expresses his desire to meet her in front of Jaivantabai to which Jaivantabai resists at first but finally takes him to Meerabai. There Meerabai comprehend Pratap’s situation and asks Jaivantabai to leave him with her. Meerabai asks Pratap to get some bhog for Lord Krishna Pratap leaves in search of it. Uday Singh is all set to go to Bhils and talk them just then Chundawat informs him about Rao Surtans’ war announcement Uday Singh senses something unreasonable there. Pratap walks in village in search of bhog, he learns Mughals destroying villagers. Someone finally gives him some bhog he takes it and on his way back to Meerabai, he encounters Mughal soldiers who try to snatch his bhog from him. He returns to Meerabai will broke bowl of bhog and blood stains on himself. Meerabai accepts his broke bowl and keeps in front of Lord Krishna and makes him understand that he is destined to be a warrior. Uday Singh announces to include Pratap in his army. Bairam is happy to loot all villagers, just then he receives a letter from Pratap which reads his promise of killing all Mughals. Pratap is anointed as Senapati of Mewar army. Uday Singh leaves for Boondi and Pratap leaves with Guru Raghavendra to meet Bhil Guru Rana Kheta. Before leaving Uday Singh hands over a scroll to JB asking to read it when alone. JB reads it inside her room, the letter reads Uday Singh asking Jaivantabai to take all queens to Bijoliya where Rao Mamrakh who is a samant of Mewar will take care of them. Uday Singh wants them to live life of normal people till the war as this is going to be one of the toughest wars. JB does as asked. Dheerbai at first resists but then agrees finally. On one hand, Bairam is heading with Natha to meet Bhil guru and on the other, Pratap. Both are taken in front of Kheta where both realize each other’s’ presence. Bairam offers tons of gold to Kheta to be with him, Pratap gives Kheta his ancestral sword which JB gave Pratap before leaving from palace. Kheta gets emotional seeing the sword but denies to be on either side by saying that this is Mewar’s war with Mughals not his.


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