Tuesday, December 31, 2013

C.I.D- 3 January and 4 january

Dead man alive, 3rd January, Friday -   Salunkhe is about to perform an autopsy on a body of a man. Just as he is about to make an incision, the dead body wakes up! Salunkhe is shocked and falls back. The dead man looks around wildly, attacks Salunkhe and escapes from the forensic lab. The cops are stumped. How can a man who was dead for more than 10 hours come back to life again? They begin a manhunt for this  missing 'dead' man which leads them to more shocking discoveries. They find another man who came back to life after he was buried! How are these things happening. The cops must solve this intriguing mystery.
Snake in body  4th January, Saturday - The queen of Peepalgadh province of Rajasthan is killed during an art exhibition in Mumbai. When Dr Salunke is examining her dead body during post mortem, he gets the shock of his life. In the esophagus of the dead Queen, Salunke finds a Dead snake. One of the most dangerous species in the world, found only in Africa. The cops on investigation learn of the various controversies the Queen has been involved lately and the death threats that she had been getting. But soon the cops learn that the death of the queen and the strange method adapted by the killer to kill the queen has a link to her past, where 20 years ago the King too was killed by similar snake. Cops have to go to the Haveli of the queen to find out about her past.

Balasaheb made the common man into superman: Sanjay Raut

On the eve of Shiv Sena Foundation Day, 52 years after the party was founded by Sena Supremo Balasaheb Thackeray,  MP Sanjay Raut, Nawa...