Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out of the House…On the Stage! Carlyta Mouhini to perform live at Kolkata this New Year’s Eve!

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She has Latin-Indian origins, knows Jazz and Indian Classical, sings for rock bands and Bollywood and believes in the musical power of fusion. Singer Carlyta Mouhini & Bigg Boss Bangla contestant to perform live in Kolkata this New Year ’s Eve!  
Music runs in her blood, literally, after all, Carlyta Mouhini hails from a Latin background. “And the Latin know how to sing and dance!” says the effervescent singer, who despite having Latin origins, also has Indian blood which also explains her affinity towards Bollywood music!
And this multitalented singer-cum-musician pulls no stops when it comes to her music — she’s as qualified in jazz as she is in Indian Classical music. In fact, she even sees a connection between the two: “Jazz is like Indian Classical music, once you know the basics; you can use that knowledge in any genre.”
She’s been part of two rock bands — “Trishool” and “Shiva” — and has even won accolades for being a female singer in this male-oriented genre of music. And yet she can transform herself and become the voice of so many popular Bollywood songs. “Bollywood is popular all over the world and Bollywood stars are recognised world over by their hit songs.
What’s more, Bollywood music is now undergoing a drastic change, with influences of hip-hop and other Western genres. I guess my entry into Bollywood is coming at the correct time,” says the husky-voiced Carlyta.
   Talk about B’wood and its item numbers that Carlyta has a soft spot for. It’s the energetic rhythm of these numbers that sets her pulse racing. “But there are no ‘item’ songs left anymore because every other song is an item song!” she laughs, adding that the essence of good music is it’s melody because that will always remain in the minds of listeners. “I get self-contentment in singing something different; even if I make just one popular song, I’m happy, as long as it’s different, unique, and good, and stays in listeners’ memories.”
This New Year CARLYTA Mouhini will rock Kolkata like her stint in Bigg Boss Bangla house!


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