Thursday, January 30, 2014

Actor Sushmita Sen launches Author Shraddha Soni’s – I am Life

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Author Shraddha Soni’s  book – I am Life was launched on the 30th of January 2014 at TitleWaves Bookstore, Bandra by Actor Sushmita Sen.
The launch started with a brief introduction of the Author Shraddha Soni and Actor Sushmita Sen given by Caroline Newbery from Random House Publication. Sushmita Sen then cut the ribbon along with Shraddha Soni unveiling the book – I am Life.A
This was followed by an Question and Answer round between the media and the Actor and Author. The Author then gave a vote of thanks to the people who have attended the launch and threw the floor open for signing copies.
I Am Life is Shraddha Soni’s foray into the world of writing. She got here almost as if life itself was holding her hand and leading her. A tale that moves as fast as it will move you. It is both a modern, relatable story as well as a window into what could be everyone’s spiritual quest.
I am Life is an edgy, modern-day fable that takes you on a mystical journey with life. It is a story that depicts the sole purpose of life is to evolve, and everything required for evolution lies in the fabric of life itself. 
About the book:
Life is a bitch, to Sid too...
The book begins on just another malt ‘n’ golf day, when 38-year old, jet-setting Siddharth Khanna finds his fancy Manhattan life in shambles.
With the rug pulled from under his feet, and after taking rounds of lawyers and voodoo doctors Siddharth finally hits a bar with Andrea, his enthusiastic spiritual junkie friend.
Andrea convinces him that the only way to find his answers is through finding God. With most searches these days beginning at Google, Siddharth clicks on ‘GOD’, and in a drunken epiphany, books himself a ticket to his homeland, the land of three hundred and thirty million Gods - India.
But life doesn’t spare him there too.
Arriving India forces him to revisit his childhood dream and purpose that he had traded for, with circumstances years ago. On a spiritual binge in Rishikesh, Siddharth encounters all kinds of people: Gurus, God men, business opportunists and hippies: each with a story and some with a lesson.
Siddharth who believes that life has been unfair to him isn’t the perfect candidate for such an adventure. Will this encounter help him find the answers he has been looking for? Does he find God?
It is an absorbing adventure that was written in an equally inspiring way. After all, for a first time writer Shraddha Soni, words didn’t come easy.
About The Author:
Shraddha Soni is born to life. Having been raised in Mumbai with humble yet firm roots, she has breathed life into life with every passing moment: be it joyous, indifferent or otherwise. Bold and a bit of a brat, very little can get past this petite author’s eye. It comes as no wonder then that she has been able to develop a story with so much force and flow that you are barely able to prevent it from taking you with it.
Her life is a tale in its own, call it what you may: romance, adrenaline, entwinement, her tryst with the Higher Power gets stronger with every passing day. How she got here is an answer she certainly knows but would much rather leave you to interpret. However, what she has been able to derive and develop from her personal experiences is truly remarkable and substantial.
Shraddha is known to unlock people before they even know it. She sees through the cloud, and cuts through the jargon with a simplicity you would not expect. She will narrate the blueprint of your life and its purpose like a movie cutting it clear in black and white. She travels through life as much as across cities, spreading her gift through workshops, inspirational talks and one-on-one sessions, all to connect people back to their soul’s journey.
One read of ‘I am Life’ and she convinces you that although a new journey for her has just begun, she is here to stay!
A Note from the Author Shraddha Soni
This book was written through me. I was an empty vessel that life chose to pour this fable through, and that’s something I’ll humbly stay as.
This book is my testimony in many ways, it holds all that I have been sharing with most people who ask me questions about life and its purpose.
The purpose of life is to evolve, and everything required for evolution lies in the fabric of life itself. It has nothing to do with how well we control life, but with how much we trust it. Life is not a coincidence, it has a plan for us and when we listen to life, it speaks to us, and mystical experiences become a part of everyday life.
I have typed this book, paragraph by paragraph, on my Blackberry, and when I put the pieces together, I realized that I had woven an entire story.  Life is a journey and this book is one of my souvenirs.
A Note from the Publisher,  Milee Ashwarya, Random House
Shraddha Soni's I Am Life is a unique book that we at Random House, are publishing this year. To me it is in the genre of Paulo Coelho- powerful, intense, and shakes you up by the time you finish reading it.
The narrative is layered and fast-paced, taking you on a spiritual, mystical journey with the protagonist Siddharth - to find the true meaning and purpose of life. Shraddha has done a fantastic job of telling the story, while at the same time drawing the reader deep into it so that by the end of it you almost feel you are a part of it.
I Am Life shows us how all the answers we seek are within ourselves: The book becomes a tool to make us aware and seek them out. I feel it is a timeless book, something you can read even when you are not lost, and always expect to be surprised by what you find in it. I am really proud to publish it and hope you enjoy reading it. This genre has yet to make a dent in the Indian publishing.

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