Friday, February 28, 2014

Crime Patrol to narrate the heart- wrenching story of Haryana

Tonight Crime Patrol’s episode throws a light at the age-old mindset of the Indian society (Haryana in particular) where women are still treated as the second fiddle to their male counterparts. The episode takes this relook through the agonizing life of 17-year old Smriti who is forcibly married to a man who is 33 years older to her.
Smriti’s marriage was in fact an arrangement under the popular ‘atta-satta’ tradition prevalent in Northern India where two families exchange their marriageable daughters with the boys of other family and thus deal with various nitty-gritty involved in traditional Indian marriage. Smriti was married to Hukum Singh, a 49-years old widower whose cousin Devika’s marriage was settled with Smriti’s uncle Shyam. As expected Smriti’s family preferred wealth over sentiments and agreed to marry 17-years old Smriti with Hukum Singh. So much so that they didn’t even think of telling Smriti about her would be bride groom. Smriti only learnt about the identity of her husband during the marriage ceremony and she was so shocked with the development that she could not express her anger at the moment. When she returned home for the gauna ceremony, she refused to go back to Hukum Singh who was sexually abusing her. Later, her parents applied all kind of forces and restriction on Smriti to force her into giving in. Smriti was held captive in her own home without food and water but she refused to bow down. She instead ran away and reported the matter to the local police. Smriti’s story had a shocking climax as she was suffocated to death in broad day light and her murderers.  
Will Smriti  get justice?
To find out catch this heart-wrenching story of Smirti this Saturday at 11 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television


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