Saturday, May 24, 2014

Strip down for Romance on TV…WHY NOT? : Vivek Mishra

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Vivek Mishra amused by televsion producers turning down his Naked Dating Reality show concept
Delhi based actor & model; also the only Naked Yoga Trainer in India, Vivek Mishra created quite a stir with his wild card entry in television’s popular reality show Bigg Boss soon after which he received numerous offers for other reality shows but nothing that excited the witty & quirky yoga master.
Delhi was abuzz with news of Vivek Mishra getting offered to play a host in VH1’s most talked about untitled Naked Dating show that the yoga master had to turn down due to certain disagreements with the production house.
Albeit Vivek pretty much liked the idea to bring a similar concept & present it before the Indian audiences with his own Naked Dating show but he knew what was coming, “I did approach few people who I could trust with the concept of my Naked Dating show, as much as they seemed pretty excited about the entire new thing, they didn’t really want to go ahead only fearing how the audiences would react to it & how would they be able to keep up with the network standards.”
Vivek giving a little sneak peek into the whole concept, “Each episode will feature a man and a woman as they each date two different -- and naked -- suitors. The series will explore the art of romance -- free of preconceived notions, stereotypes and, yes, clothing. At the end of every hour-long episode, the two romance-seekers analyze what they've learned from their dates -- and themselves -- before deciding whether to move forward with their potential love matches.”
On being turned down by almost every production house to go ahead with this concept, “I am aware that India is not ready for something like this, but I am also aware that we do have a large number of people who watch channels & shows post midnight & we all know the content of these shows. Obviously what the viewers will see will be blurred. There have been enough shows on heartbreaks, crimes other than the usual daily soap, don’t we want something different?”
The naked yoga guru still hunts to collaborate with a production house that will help him sail through with this new concept that will definitely shake the roots of Indian Reality TV.

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