Friday, May 23, 2014

The Indian Transformer: Roadie Nikhil Sachdeva

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Winner of Roadies XI Nikhil Sachdeva was named ‘Transformer’ during the reality show by judges Raghu & Rannvijay!
Nikhil Sachdeva, the winner of Roadies XI hosted by popular VJ Rannvijay Singh & Raghav, has definitely earned his place in the current season after a rejection in auditions for Roadies X & was called as the Transformer during the show by the judges. 
The enthusiastic Guinness Book Record Holder Tattoo Artist Nikhil Sachdeva, after receiving flak from the judges Rannvijay & Raghav for being overweight during the auditions of Roadies X, only came back fitter & better impressing the judges much during the Roadies XI Delhi auditions currently being one of the strongest contenders on the show & finally winning the title. 
On being the winner, Nikhil mentions, “I feel on the top of the World right now like a king of the Jungle. But  I am still holding my ground and would rather try that this fame doesn't get to my head and  I can make something useful out of this win. I am thankful to God n my loved ones.”
Talking about his experience on the show, “This was the best experience of my life so far. The Journey was the best part, travelling 300 kilometers from one city to another every 3rd day was fun. Rest was not easy. It was a reality show indeed & the crew made sure that we feel that thrill... Everything was real, cuts n bruises were real, all he injurious were real. It taught me the real meaning of core strength, sharing the same ring with World known boxer Vijender Sing & taking his punches were real too. Mental pressure of losing it and going home, gave me sleepless nightmares but surrender was never in my Nature.”  
The strong willed, free spirited Delhi based Tattoo artist has had an interesting background shuffling jobs in Delhi in constant hunger for exposure, experience & money getting him to audition for Roadie X albeit after much criticism from Raghu & Rannvijay for being overweight, the artist took it in a positive stride. Nikhil Sachdeva extensively trained himself & lost oodles of weight before the Roadie XI audition impressing the judges securing a place in one of the popular youth Reality show.
The overwhelmed Nikhil quips, “The experience was exhilarating. Co-contestants were too much fun. I adore Rannvijay; he has encouraged & motivated me throughout the show. The crew is absolutely amazing. I always used to get this adrenaline rush every time we had to perform a task. I’ll always cherish this experience.”
Nikhil proudly states the obvious reasons for his victory on the reality show, “I have won millions of hearts, that for sure. MTV Roadies X1 winner is a glorious title. As the Roadies X1 tag line says "Ride for Respect" for me that was more important, winning with respect. The kind of response I am getting from the world is overwhelming. I never thought, I'll inspire so many people. All the love from the viewers of the show n the fans I made, has made my Win a Victory indeed. My hard workhas paid off... It was all worth it. I always believed that everything is possible.”
Nikhil gives message to all his fans, “Just need to put the right amount of efforts. Just "dare to dream" n "take your chances".
Nikhil Sachdeva is a definitely a true roadie into the making!


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