Friday, August 29, 2014

Synopisis for the first episode of “Gumrah”

Ep# 1 synopsis
Talking Point – The Hypocrisy behind Moral Policing
One liner – ‘You cannot force your love on another person nor can you impose your morals’.
The story starts with, Rakesh....19 year old guy who is drop out from college and is jobless... Unfortunately he is not educated enough to lad himself a decent steady job. As he spends most of his time doing nothing, so his father gives him the responsibility of dropping his sister Ritu to collage. Ritu always keeps complaing how badly she is dressed while all her classmates wear fashionable clothes, to which Rakesh promises to buy her a new dress.
During one such rounds to the girls collage he comes across Sania ... extremely pretty who belongs to an upper middle-class family. Rakesh is completely smitten by this out going girl Sania who notices her while buying cigarettes to bribe the watchman of her collage.
He starts stalking her from a distance to her college after droping his sister... and lately his new found courage has made him stalk her in close quarters. She has a gang of girl friends at collage and they do all the masti that adventurous 15 yr olds try like parting and going to movies.
 One day Rakesh comes up to her outside the college and tell her that he loves her by holding a card written in hindi  to which her friends says that he must propose her in front of whole college tomorrow. The next day he prepares an English song and proposes her, but Sania and her friends make fun of him and leave him humiliated.
Now, Rakesh has a influential friend, Mohan who is in the youth wing of a rightist political party, Sanskriti Sena. He occasionally hangs with members of Sena but is not involved with them. Mohan constantly force him to join his sena but Rakesh keep avoiding it.. But unaffected by her ignorance, he one day comes outside the college and bares his chest and starts etching out Sania’s name on his chest. Sania is shocked, and leaves the place.
After all the humiliation and rejection post the incident, Rakesh joins the Sena and actively starts involving in their campaign. During one such campaigns while attacking couples during valentine day he thrashes Tushar …Sania’s new boy friend .
Now with the backup of Sena he grows more confident and starts stalking her again. He buys some new clothes for himself and also a pair of fashionable dress for Ritu as he had promised her, to which Ritu says she will save the dress for a special occasion
One day Rakesh wearing new clothes follows Sania and her friends to a nightclub she frequents, where he is not given entry as stag entry is not allowed. He picks up a fight with the bouncers who trash him …and throw him out of the club.
.In the rage he goes back to sena office and comes back with the party members to attack the club. Meanwhile his sister Ritu wearing her new dress visits the same club with her gang of friends to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Now the members of sanskriti sena start vandalising the club and manhandling the girls in the crowd.  Sania and Ritu both are grievously hurt in the incident.


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