Friday, February 20, 2015

CID Team to encounter a Ghostly Intruder

This week , CID team is about to encounter a very twisted case of a strange woman who suffers from sleep walking. The story starts when this strange woman enters a house and is about to attack a small child when his parents- Anand and Krutika manage to stop her and in the ensuing struggle, the girl is pushed out of the window from a height of 30 feet. But to the shock of the family, she does not land on the ground below the window but instead disappear into thin air. The family decides to leave the house, but as they are driving down the deserted road they are once again attacked by the ghostly stranger and their car hits a tree. The next morning the small child, Sunny is found wandering in the jungle asking people to save his parents. The CID team gets on the case to help the small child find his parents. The team manages to trace the stranger but at the same time are taken aback to find that the woman, Shruti suffers from sleep walking and doesn’t recall any of the events of that night. The question that comes is, is it possible for someone to travel a distance, enter a house and attack a family under the effect of sleep walking? 
Is Shruti telling the truth or is someone else using her as a weapon to commit these crimes? Will CID team find out Shruti’s truth or will the criminal succeed in bluffing them? To find out, watch CID on 22nd February, Sunday at 10PM on Sony Entertainment Television.


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