Saturday, May 30, 2015

KD Pathak vs a Sleepwalker murderer

Sony Entertainment Television’s Adaalat has seen KD Pathak successfully rescuing people and helping them get justice! This week viewers will witness a unique case which will not only leave them shocked but will also swipe KD Pathak off his feet.
The high – drama episode starts with Shrishti who lives in a hostel waking up and finding her roommates stabbed to death. KD Pathak takes up the case and starts to dig deeper so that he can nab the person responsible for these murders and hence prove Shrishti’s innocence. Upon investigation it is revealed that Shrishti was suffering from a sleeping disorder and to make things worst, the murder weapon that was discovered at the crime scene had her fingerprints.   
Is Shrishti guilty? Will KD Pathak be able to prove Shrishti’s innocence? Will he be able to unravel the mysterious murders?

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