Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ariana Grande proves that she is the “Dangerous Woman”

Ariana Grande is an artist known for her killer vocals and high range and she proved it with her incredible performance at the Wembley Stadium during the Capital Summertime Ball with Vodafone this past weekend. 
Ariana’s ‘Dangerous Woman’ went on to top the charts and this performance just proved exactly why she is number one.
She started her performance with one of her highest gainers, ‘Bang Bang’ where the crowd got involved in the singing with her. She followed this with the song that landed her to the number one spot on the Vodafone Top 40 – ‘Problem’. This was followed by ‘One last Time’.
She gave the crowd ‘Greedy’ and ‘Into You’ from her latest album which got them excited. Teasing the crowd at every step and completely involving them in the performance she sang ‘Break Free’ before closing the set with the title track of her album ‘Dangerous Album’. This is not the first time that the pop star has given a stellar performance, her previous live performances have also shown that she is the future of modern day pop music.

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