Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jagran Film Festival’s film selection announced

The 7thJagran Film Festival announced its international selection in the feature film category today. The Festival is set to begin next month in New Delhi and travel to 15 other cities thereafter.
To be screened under the section World Panorama, the Festival line up has ‘Sievanevada’ (Romania) directed  by Criti Puiu, ‘Road to Istanbul’ (Algeria) directed by Rachid Bouchareb, ‘The Patriarch’ ( New Zealand) by Lee Tamahori,  ‘The First, The Last’ (France- Belgium) by Bouli Lanners, ‘The Plants ’ (Chile) by Roberto Doveris, ‘Discordia’ (Romania) by Ion Indolean, ‘The Market’ ( Canada) by Bobby Del Rio, ‘The Oedipus King’ (Argentina) by Javier Molo, ‘Two Nights Till Morning’ (Finland) by Mikko Kuparinen, Yellow Flowers on Green Grass (Vietnam) by Victor Vu,  ‘Chatô  The King of Brazil’ ( Brazil) by Guilherme Fontes, Thank you for Bombing (Austria) by Barbara Eder,  ‘The Surprise’ (Italy) by Ivan Polidoro, ‘Wonderland’ (Switzerland), directed by ten Directors, ‘The Sum of Histories’ (Belgium) by Lukas Bossuyt, ‘Pop Up’ (Australia) by Stuart McBratney, ‘Hear the Silence’ (Germany) by Ed Ehrenberg, ‘Farewell Analog’ (Iran) by Hiwa Aminejad, ‘Eddie Reynolds and the Iron Angels’ (Mexico) by Gustavo Moheno, ‘Zoe’ (Spain) by Ander Duque, ‘Utopia, An Adult’s Fairytale ( Greece) by Nikos Kourou.
The selection includes films that been screened in major film festivals like Cannes 2016, Berlinale 2016 and many others but this year onwards the Festival has begun to pick up films that have not participated in any film festival. These films would be screened across sections Indian and International under the banner, ‘Jagran Discovery’.
Elaborating the objective of ‘Jagran Discovery’, the Festival’s Strategic Consultant Manoj Srivastava says, “We wanted to pick up promising films which would be sourced and premiered first time at the Jagran Film Festival and then travel to other festivals. Generally Festivals run after the films screened at prestigious international film festivals and pick up films from their selection but we wanted to create our own distinct identity and decided to look for Debut Films and exciting work from unknown, unexplored and even renowned film makers which had remained unexposed. Therefore, this time we have created a great mix of ‘the known and the unknown’. We hope our festival delegates will love our discovery.”
The Preview Panel that selected these unexplored films is equally excited about the films selected. Talking about a film ‘Chato, The King of Brazil, two times National Film Award winning Director, Arun Chadha, who was on the Preview Panel says, “Chiseled characterization, intriguing screenplay will keep you hooked throughout….”

The wheels of this mammoth travelling film festival begin to churn on July 1,2016 at New Delhi’s Siri Fort Auditoria. One can register as a Film Delegate by visiting the Festival’s website

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