Friday, June 17, 2016

Shiv Pandit to be seen in a cameo in SAB TVs Dr Bhanumati on Duty

Lovely (Gopi Bhalla) reads out Dr Bhanumati’s (Kavita Kaushik) horoscope for the day where he tells her that she will bump into someone with whom she has a past connection. Bhanumati gets curious and soon she gets to know that some inspector called Makkan Singh(Shiv Pandit) has come to the hospital.. She rushes to the reception where she learns that he has come to the hospital to get cured as he keeps fainting. Makkan Singh faints again and is admitted to the hospital and the staff check his reports which turn out to be normal.
Bhanumati takes his reports and goes to inform him about it when she overhears his conversation where he tells the other person on the call that he has disguised himself as a police inspector and has gotten admitted and they now have 7 hours to go. Bhanumati gets suspicious about Makkan’s conversation and alerts the hospital staff asking them to be careful. Bhanumati then decides to snoop around and try and find out the truth behind Makkan’s suspicious behavior. She soon gets hold of his wallet and it his true identity is revealed
Will Bhanumati find out Makkan’s true motive behind coming to the hospital?
Kavita Kaushik who plays Dr Bhanumati said, “I'm very happy to be shooting this special episode with Shiv , we have a peculiar equation in real life like Tom n Jerry, he is my best co actor and is totally mad and gifted with great wit and humor and that's why it transcends so beautifully on screen , this is going to be a great treat for fans waiting for us to come together as a pair."

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