Saturday, June 11, 2016

What made Richa Chadha make a social media group ?

She recently opened up about her eating disorders and many other things in her TEDx talk speech in Delhi. Which was spoken about a lot. A lot of young girls and even parents of young kids have reached out to Richa and have been seeking her advice through social media. Richa is glad that her coming out has at least in the smallest way made people have a conversation. She's in fact been personally been writing to everyone, sharing tips and advises. One particular girl from Florida, Indian confessed to Richa about her issues. Richa has since then been helping this girl to overcome her eating disorder. Richa hopes to soon start a community on digital media where people can share their problems such as these and seek for help. A close source says, "Richa has been overwhelmed with the response she has got after she spoke about her struggle with eating disorders. For her, it wasn't about speaking up for nothing, but to perhaps open up a much-needed conversation. Weight, eating disorders according to Richa have become a common problem, especially for young people owing to a certain projection of ideal images of people in media. Richa truly wishes to extend her thoughts beyond just a talk. And that's why she is soon planning and working to get a social media network started where a private space will be created for people to share stories, expertise, and tips for helping those who are seeking help and support."

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