Saturday, July 23, 2016

HAUSLA 2016 Mumbai

A Fashion Event highlighting Cancer survivors, where Chief guest is Honourable Shri Sharad Pawar, and Guest of honour is Acharya Shri Chandana Ji Maharaj (Founder of Veerayatan, Mumbai).
It is a Gramin Sneha Foundation Presentation, organised by Sanjay Suman, Shubham Shantanu and Harish Jaiswal.
It highlights, a) Interaction of Chief guest with Cancer survivors, b) Tips to be happy for Cancer Survivors, c) Awareness programme, d) Display of art, painting and others by Cancer Survivors, e) Theatre act, dance and fashion show by Cancer Survivors.
Programme Chart:
Speaker (if any)
3.00 PM
Arrival of Chief Guest and visit to Pavilion
3.00– 3.02 PM
Lighting of Lamp by Chief Guest  & other dignitaries
3.02- 3.05 PM
Presentation of bouquet to Guests
3:05– 3:10 PM
Welcome Speech
Shri Ganga Kumar, Secretary, GSF
3:10–3:15 PM
Dr Meenu Walia, Patron, GSF, Delhi-NCR Chapter
3.15-3.20 PM
Dr Sanjay Sharma, AIO, Mumbai
3.20-3.25 PM
Dr S H Advani, Mumbai
3.25-3.30 PM
Ms. Sujata Sanonik, Pr.Secretary, Health, Govt of Maharashtra
3.30– 3.35PM
Shri Swadin Chhatriya, Chief Secretary, Govt of Maharashtra
3.35-3.40 PM
Shri Jagdish Chandra, Head, E-TV
3.40-3.50 PM
Motivational Speech
Acharya Shri Chandana Ji Maharaj,Veerayatan, Mumbai
3.50-4.00 PM
Presidential Speech
Dr Deepak Sawant, Hon’ble Health Minister, Govt of Maharashtra
4.00– 4.03 PM
Short film on SNEH Apps and activities of GSF
4.03– 4.05 PM
Felicitation to Guests and Indian Cancer Society, Mumbai
4.05–4.20 PM
Chief Guest Speech
Shri Sharad Pawar, Hon’ble MP, RS
4.20-4.23 PM
Introduction about necessity of  “Hausla 2016- Fight Against Cancer”
Sneha Routray, President,  GSF
4.23– 4.40 PM
 Discussion session of Guests with Cancer Survivor
4.40-5.00 PM
Theatre Act/ Dance performance by Cancer Survivor
5.00– 5.40 PM
Fashion show by Cancer Survivor ( 5 Round)
5.40– 5.45 PM
Motivational Song ( Cancer survivors, doctors & GSF Team)
5.45 -6.00 PM
Music CD Launch ceremony of Bihar; Ek Virasat Fusion Music based on Poet of Bihar
6.00 – 6.03 PM
Vote of Thanks
Shri Harish Jaiswal,  Secretary,GSF,Maha
High Tea

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