Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka as the Patron of the organisation recently joined the Doctors for You DFY. Under the guidance of Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka, Doctors for You (DFY) plans to scale a new height in the area of Health, Education & Livelihood development in India.  
As the first field visit of the, Doctors for You (DFY) Patron Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka, (DFY) organized various events and inauguration programs at its Bihar Health & Community Development Program. 
Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka inaugurated Computer Education Centre, After school support Learning Centre & CMAM program Malnutrition Corner followed by Certificate Distribution of the 3rd batch of Hygiene Technician Program at Hilsa & Visit to DFY Health Centre & proposed New Hospital site.
Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka says I am so happy to join hands with Doctors for you. The organization has done tremendous work in the field of Health, Education & Livelihood development in India. I am highly impressed with their work and capabilitiesWe are working towards conquering the mission of providing sustainable, equitable, effective and efficient health care services to the most vulnerable individuals and communities”
Doctors for You (DFY) is an international humanitarian organization from India working extensively amongst vulnerable communities. The work of DFY is guided by humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality and neutrality. DFY offers services and assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, class, caste, religion and gender. Currently, DFY is working on some ten projects across India, USA and Nepal.

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