Tuesday, November 1, 2016

AR Rahman to Perform at Jammin' Live Concert

Multiple Oscar and Grammy award winner A.R. Rahman will be performing live at the first ever digital collaboration between legendary Bollywood composers and YouTube stars, Jammin’ Live at the NSCI, Dome in Mumbai! The exciting concert will feature breakout performances by internet sensation SANAM, the First Lady of YouTube India Shraddha Sharma along with legendary composers like Salim-Sulaiman, Clinton Cerejo and Mithoon on 11th Nov, 7 PM onwards. 
A musical performance of his latest digital hits along with crowd classics, A.R. Rahman’s set will also enthral the audience to the track of the season, Yaara’- a collaboration with all YouTubers of Jammin’.  "With Jammin’, Qyuki and its partners have created something unique - a platform without gatekeepers - for me and my fellow composers to work collaboratively with a new generation of online stars. I am really looking forward to performing at the Jammin Live concert along with all the Jammin artists” adds music legend and co-Founder of Qyuki- A.R. Rahman. 
With the release of a new song every week, Jammin’ has already broken the internet with millions of views and subscribers worldwide.  Speaking at the announcement, Mr. Samir Bangara, the Co-Founder and MD of Qyuki said, “Jammin' has spawned a new genre of music that we like to call 'Non-film Bollywood' by bringing together mainstream composers with YouTube stars to create original compositions that typically would be commissioned for a blockbuster film. Jammin' Live embodies Qyuki’s unique strategy of being a digital first, cross platform Media Company and we are looking forward to translating the Jammin’ magic of the virtual world into the real world arena”https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/r4nNkI3YSWVWigLDdSrbUWqjm9HYl0HeG_cQPrLP5GjIqP6xCWbKFcc9hjvbngbRxPXNB3YGjUpA_42xLlV_C20qFl4ILyBpYl6DMXOx44ICQ28ppNEywwOjDRD-x7dLpczpjaeg
Jammin’ is in association with YouTube and Satya Raghavan, Head of Entertainment for YouTube in India says, "This live concert with Bollywood music legends and YouTube stars heralds a new era for the music industry in India. We hope that JAMMIN' live concert will go onto define the new normal, where lines between mainstream music and popular independent artists content will blur, encouraging many talented artists to start their journey online.”  
The full lineup for the concert includes maestro A.R. Rahman, SANAM Band, Shraddha Sharma, Siddharth Slathia, Jonita Gandhi, Arjun Kanungo, Maati Baani, Sanah Moidutty, RaagaTrippin' and Mumbai’s Finest collaborating with Bollywood’s most accomplished music composers Salim-Sulaiman, Clinton Cerejo and Mithoon. Speaking of it’s musicality and reach, telecom giant Airtel India adds, “Airtel is excited to be associated with Jammin, which promises to be an absolute treat for music lovers given the phenomenal line up of artists. This is a great collaborative platform for both the established artists as well as the rising music stars and the go to destination for our online music audiences. With Jammin' Live, the concert will only not only satisfy the growing appetite for new and original music content but bring in a whole new audience.”  
Signature also proudly associates itself with Jammin’, "Signature StartUp MasterClass is a unique platform of inspirational talk series that showcases real life success stories of masters of creative fields and offers individuals a chance to be inspired on their passion to paycheck journey and make a mark. Jammin’ is a really inspiring initiative for those who want to follow their passion for music and we are happy to be the partners on this journey.” 
Jammin’s online and offline popularity has already made it one of the most recognized properties showcasing versatility and the true power of collaboration between real world and virtual world superstars. With only a few weeks to go, make sure you grab your tickets and get ready to be part of a spectacular night!

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