Salama Agha inaugurated Perfect Woman Aesthetic centre

Perfect Woman Aethetic centre is an initiative by Dr. Khooshi Gurubhai and Gurubhai Thakkar under the division of GGCL.Perfect Woman Aesthetic centre is all about upholding fitness and cosmetic needs of today's gorgeous woman ,helping them with weight management,trichology,skin aesthetics,laser hair reduction and more maintaining their youth forever.With the Addition of Holistic healing therapy.Inauguration of the centre was attended by Veteran Actress,singer and Socialist Salma Agha,Zara Agha,Ekta Jain,Shree Rajput,Tinaa Ghaai,Sanchiti Sakat,Yogesh Kumar and Yogesh Lakhani of Bright Outdoor.Tinaa Ghaai who is now coming in serial May I coming Madam on Life OK was seen in a event after a very long time.

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