Monday, December 12, 2016


Four Days to go for the Absolut. Enchanted Valley Carnival and 4 days for you to learn all the Flo Rida hits to spin your head at the Carnival!
Get those shiny caps out and put on your dog tag to headline with Flo Rida with his chartbusting hits.
Flo Rida shares his excitement stating ”Hello India, I am super excited to party with all my family at Enchanted Valley Carnival 2016. I'm bringing the Wild Ones, Macy Kate and my band Flo Fusion plus other surprises, so get your tickets now. And I can't wait to party backstage with my VIP EVC contest winners. It's Going Down For Real”.
Flo Rida has always been one of those artist who can get clubs bouncing on his beats and raps whether with it has been his  oldest numbers ‘Low’ or the latest ones such as ‘My house.’ Putting out hits after hits every year, Flo Rida is all set to perform at Absolut. Enchanted Valley Carnival, 2016 with his top select numbers to spin you right round on his low beats. Here’s for you a select list of some of his top songs that will help you ready up for the weekend Extravaganza.
1.     Low feat T-Pain
Low Feat T-Pain, being one of the oldest single of Flo Rida has never failed to make us groove over its beats. With lyrics like Shawty got apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur, we just cannot help but sing along!
2.     Right Round
Released in 2009, the song got the world spinning right round with Flo Rida with its upbeat music and catchy lyrics. Receiving top billboard positions the song still remains one of the best dance numbers of the century.
3.     Good Feeling
If your head not banging, better check your pulse. That’s how Flo Rida goes! Do check out this song to get your groove started for the exhilarating performances at Absolut. EVC.
4.     Club Can’t handle me feat David Guetta
Didn’t you just start singing the song right away? Well, that’s the magic of this upbeat Flo Rida song. The song really gets you high on its trance letting you lose your hair down to a new kind of  nirvana.
5.     Whistle
One of the chartbuster by Flo Rida, Whistle can get the dancer out of you in seconds. The song got the world  whistling making it one of the top songs of the year.
6.     My House
The latest Gig by Flo Rida, My House welcomes you all to a never ending party with its jazzy tunes and music. Released in 2015, this hip hop rap has swayed us with its crazy music video along with Flo Rida’s thrilling rap.


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