Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sonu Nigam’s unique initiative to support Fight Hunger Foundation as their Goodwill Ambassador, pledging to help ending child malnutrition in India

Legendary singer and music sensation Sonu Nigam has committed to joining in the fight against malnutrition, which kills over one million children in India every year. Sonu Nigam has sung a soulful track for the same
Fight Hunger Foundation, a Mumbai-based NGO dedicated exclusively to the fight against malnutrition, has announced that Mr Sonu Nigam will be their Goodwill Ambassador, helping to raise awareness about malnutrition and its causes. The organization is active in three states of India: Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, where its expert teams diagnose and treat malnourished children,  and work with mothers on prevention techniques, which include the promotion of breastfeeding, good hygiene and care practices and providing a nutritious diet. This work saves lives.
In a unique initiative, Sonu Nigam has rendered an emotional and soulful song titled 'Hope in the Future'  where he pledges to win back dreams for children, and make sure that every child smiles again. The song is all set to release digitally on 16th December.  The video of the song features Sonu Nigam himself, singing in his unique and passionate style, influencing the listener to join the fight against malnutrition.
'Fight Hunger Foundation' is thrilled that Sonu Nigam is backing them  and believe that with his support they can create awareness among people so we can collectively as a society make India, a hunger free country.
A source close to Sonu explains the singer’s decision to support the cause saying, "Sonu feels strongly about providing every child in India a happy and healthy future,  and has readily lent his support. He hopes that people will listen to his song “Hope In The Future”, become more aware about the issue through his song and will pledge their support to Fight Hunger Foundation.  He strongly believes that our children are the future and we must do whatever we can to protect and nourish them"
Commenting on the same, renowned singer Sonu Nigam says, “I can no longer just stand by, while millions of children in India die of hunger. We know how to fight hunger: we can beat it. My new song called 'Hope in the Future' is dedicated to an amazing organization called Fight Hunger Foundation. They fight everyday so that one day, no child in India will die of hunger. I know that if we come together to fight hunger, this day will come soon.”
Fight Hunger Foundation are delighted that Mr Sonu Nigam has joined the Fight Hunger Foundation team as a Goodwill Ambassador. A spokesperson said:
“Sonu Nigam is one of India’s most talented and most loved artists. We are extremely excited that he has sung an exclusive song for Fight Hunger Foundation, called Hope In The Future. We urge every Indian to listen to this song and pledge that we will not let our children die of hunger anymore. With Sonu’s unique initiative and his dedicated support to help us raise awareness, we know that we can beat malnutrition in India: for good!”


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