Tuesday, December 6, 2016


One of India’s finest painters, the late John Fernandes’ stature within students and scholars of Representational Art is unequalled and rightfully so. His technique is legendary, his skill and control, masterly. Whether it was pencils, water colours, conte, charcoal or oil, his landscapes, figure studies and portraits, all carried the stroke of a genius, bespoke of a master artist. Actor Sushmita Sen and lyricist Prasoon Joshi inaugurated the master painter’s current show titled Masterstrokes, a tribute to the late painter by wife and muse Agnela Fernandes at Jehangir Art Gallery (Circular Art Gallery), Kala Ghoda. 
To the female figure, he brought out boundless sensuality, a striking radiance and erotic luminosity. To his landscapes, a soothing but complex inner depth, translucent and contemplative. Works that linger beyond the canvas, over time and into the ever-after. 
“John Fernandes’ works are indeed rare and remarkable. Those who have been fortunate enough to acquire them do not easily or ever part with them. It is in fact, a rarity to even have the privilege to gaze upon a John Fernandes artwork, such has been the exclusivity by which his works have been shown to the public.” Says Bharat Patel of ArtDesh Gallery. 
Agnela, John’s wife, his Muse, the driving force behind his life and numerous  art shows, mentioned , “John has left an irreparable void in the art world, one that can never be filled. John has left behind a collection of paintings- a legacy for me and a heritage for the country. Through John’s creations, I see him, and relive the memories - as every painting has a story to tell !” 

Late John Fernandes’ show, titled Masterstrokes, is on at Jehangir Art Gallery (Circular Art Gallery), Kala Ghoda, from 6th to 12th December, 2016, daily 11 am – 7 pm .

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