Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why is 'The Intouchables' a 'Films To See Before You Die' ?

The Film Festival - ‘Films To See Before You Die’ has always shown impactful and immersive movies throughout the weeks on Star Movies Select HD. This time it will be stretching its arms by featuring the final week of the film festival with an international acclaimed French film, showcasing the fun and emotional relationship between an aristocrat who is a handicapped millionaire and young fit street smart ex-con guy as his caretaker who gradually turn into true best friends in The Intouchables or “Les Intouchables. It is definitely a film not to miss at it is based on a true story of friendship, rooted in honesty and humour between two individuals. Here are a few reason why the film is definitely a noted member of ‘Films To See Before You Die’: - 
1.     Unconditional Friendship – People in society generally remain so trapped in social barriers that in course of gaining something they tend to loose other. Here comes the subject of priority in life which the care taker has paid cent present to his boss or friend in the story that makes feel each viewer to have a atleast one friend like this life. 
2.     Beautiful Film-making – Intelligently filmed by co-directors and writers Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, ‘The Intouchables’is a smart and perfect project for them. The story of unconditional friendship, locations in Paris, the blend of a rich & a poor where one is handicapped and the other is fit and the music and timing choices all come together to make a perfect movie and worth watching. 
3.     Based on a True Story – A film based on imagination are conceived, created, and executed, it’s true. But with a film based on a true story viewers are ultimately united in their restored faith in the ability of humanity and humour to keep even the worst-off afloat.

4.     Omar Sy and Francois Cluzet – These two actors who are central in the film are certainly the charmers of the movie. Effortless acting of this duo is a visual treat. Sy’s, character begins the film with a bad attitude and evolves into someone with a true purpose in life.
5.     The Dance Scene - At one point, Philippe (played by François Cluzet) has a bunch of his tightly-wound friends over for a stuffy gathering. However, the happy-go-lucky Driss (played by Driss ) livens the place up by dancing to Earth, Wind & Fire’s snappy tune “Boogie Wonderland”. 
With all these moments, The Intouchables is certainly a movie that is a French classic which touches your heart and makes you laugh.
Don’t miss the film tonight, 13th December on Star Moves Select HD at 9pm.


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