The Majestic Pandora World created by the brilliance of James Cameron, Avatar is back on Star Movies to let you Relive the Magic. With a powerful story that has a lasting impression, Avatar has swayed audineces  with its realistic and out of the world dimensions which give goose bumps even today. With its return on Star Movies this Republic Day on 26th  January after more than a year, here are a few  incredible facts about Avatar that will have your mind boggling again as you await it returning to your screens ! 
v  The Na’vi an entire race of people with their own look and language was NOT designed by Cameron or his talented team of artists but by his mom. Yes, the design of the Na’vi came from a dream James Cameron’s mother had which she relayed to her son.
v  Every Na'vi costume was built in real life. Making the costumes in real life also gave animators a reference for how feathers would blow in the wind.
v  The voices behind Pandora's beasts were real-life animal sounds. The credit for the same goes to the sound artists. The viper wolf vocalizations came from hyenas and coyotes; much of Pandora's ambient sound came from recordings taken in Costa Rica and Africa.
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v  The language versed by Na'vi was influenced by Amharic, Persian and Chinese, among other languages. Paul Frommer who made this language never wanted to make the language easy to master and took it as a challenge.
v  Editing of Avatar happened as the movie was being filmed. Editor John Refoua and Stephen Rivkin looked at all the live-action footage shot on the Volume and edited the various takes together into what they called a performance edit. This was like pre-postproduction process they edited the performances simultaneously shoot was ongoing.
Aren’t you already dreamy about the Blue new world?
Feel the magic once again on Star Movies this month on the 26th of January at 1pm and 9pm pm to relive the N’avi Life again!

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