Sunday, January 22, 2017

Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka & Actress Shweta Khanduri practiced yoga with 5000 students at Yoga Gastric Festival

"Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life" said the patrons of their respective fields Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka  & Actress Shweta Khanduri who spread a word about the importance of yoga. 
In order to enlighten the youth about the benefits of yoga, Industrialist & Philanthropist Dr. Aneel Murarka  said "Yoga amongst the youth is an excellent way to help them deal with the overwhelming emotional and physical changes that they go through. Teenagers who practice yoga are less stressed and perform better than their counterparts not only in academics but also in extra circular" 

Actress Shweta Khanduri said "One is truly healthy when they are not just physically fit but also mentally and emotionally balanced. This is where yoga helps. It helps one focus on their breathe, builds balance, instills compassion, teaches body awareness, teaches relaxation and many more"

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