Thursday, February 23, 2017

Farah Khan spills Shahrukh Khan’s acting secret on Indian Idol 9

Khudha Baksh and Mohit Chopra sang the famous “Jag Soona Lage“ from the movie Om Shanti Shanti Om on Indian Idol 9. Anu Mallik appreciated their efforts and complimented them on owning the song.
A source on the set said that but it was Farah Khan who had something very interesting to say regarding the song, “Farah Khan got post the performance, the song which was recorded for her movie was special to her because the prelude was sung by Richa Sharma, the rendition was so impactful that it completely moved her.
During the recording for her movie when Richa Sharma finished singing the song, which she did in one take she ran up to Richa and hugged her. In fact  the melancholy in the song was so moving that every time Farah wanted Shahrukh to get emotional for a shot she used to play this song for him “

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