Friday, February 3, 2017

Luis Fonsi's 'Despacito' hits # 1 in Latin American countries' Spotify

Lois Fonsi’s and Daddy Yankees new single ‘Despacito’ meaning ‘slow and slowly’ is rather speeding its way up the charts by hitting  #1 spot on the Spotify chart of every Latin American country. The number makes it as the first Spanish language song to be in the Global Top 10 of Spotify with its peppy beats. Featuring  sensual lyrics the song, ‘Despacito’, makes it as a catchy number that will make you want to groove at it any moment possible. Fonsi who has sang and written the song in collaboration with Panamanian singer-songwriter Erika wanted the song to be upbeat and fun loving since the very start and only after completing the lyrics of the single that he strummed his guitar for the first time to compose its melody. His highly anticipated collaboration with Daddy Yankee had really put the pieces together flawlessly making it one of the best Spanish songs of the year. 
Not only the song but also the music video received a massive applause around the globe breaking records with more than a million viewers. Yankee and Fonsi’s crucial partnership indeed had its fans falling back to the nostalgic tunes of both the artists. Giving an homage to his native country Puerto Rico, the chemistry between Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, led ‘Despacito’ to # 1 on iTunes Latino’s "Top Songs" since its release. The camaraderie between Fonsi and Daddy Yankee has been the talks around the towns with their fantastic behind the scenes and recording gimmicks.  This January, Fonsi's upbeat track is already breaking records on Vevo becoming the Spanish language video with over 158.5 million video views on YouTube since its release on Jan 12th.

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