Ranveer Singh unfolds about first kiss at 12 years old, his teenage crush on school teacher and much more

Bollywood’s heartthrob and everyone’s favorite, Ranveer Singh reveals some interesting facts about his early life and teenage including everything from her first kiss, to crush on school teacher and also getting into fights because of girls in his college days in a chat show with YouTuber Hanee Chavan on this link:  

Everyone knows about how Ranveer came from a middle class family and made it big in Bollywood without any godfather to support him. Being a true inspiration, Singh in his dapper looks on the show, confessed on having a wardrobe full of his cousins clothes and never buying a new piece of clothing for himself as a teenager.  He also revealed wearing tight t-shirts and having long grown hair tied in a pony with blonde streaks to impress girls back then.
Talking about his love life, Ranveer disclosed being a ‘born flirt’ and how he cannot control himself around a good-looking girl.
Ranveer also spoke about his anger issues as a teenager and how he used to get into fights because of girlfriends back then.
In the end, Ranveer played a challenge of humming favorite classic songs with a mouthful of marshmallows.

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