Monday, February 6, 2017


The first ever Indian Comic with a Netflix Special, Vir Das, is making history again. Das is taking his brand of comedy to the next level with the largest ever world tour by an Indian comic. And when we say “World Tour”, we don't mean a handful of countries across one continent. We mean 6 continents with over 20 countries on the list. ('Cause performing in Antarctica would be too much history-making for this tour!)
As a multi-talented artist in the Indian Entertainment Industry, Vir Das has stuck true to his comedy roots and run the show with back-to-back, sold out stand-up specials. His highest selling exclusive show, The Unbelievable Tour, has been received with roaring success in over 17 cities in India and abroad in Dubai and Singapore. It has also been deemed as the highest selling comedy tour in India and contributing to the sale of over half a million. Das received endless positive reviews for his work namely, an apt one liner from Chortle, “The material shines!” and, by The List (UK), “✮✮✮✮ It’s easy to see why millions love him!”
Speaking about the tour, Vir said, "An Indian comedian has never played to an audience this large. 2017 is going to be exhausting. I'm gonna perform for half the globe and shoot two films this year. I'm looking forward to the frequent flyer miles more than anything else."
The Boarding Das World Tour promises to be an insight into the next chapter of Das’ life. While Das debuted a Comedy Special about his personal life last year, this year shines light on a new phase – Das exiting the 20’s mindset and finding his way into his 30’s. A hilarious take on his change of perspective, Das is taking his comedy to his Indian and international fans across the world. The Boarding Das World Tour will be the biggest world tour ever by an Indian comedian, aptly taken on by Vir Das and a lot of jet lag! 

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