Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ariana Grande releases “Everyday” official music video ft Future

Just within a few weeks after the release of the lyrics video of Ariana Grande’s song “Everyday”, the singing sensation charms the entire world with her latest music video of the song featuring Future. The new track from her album Dangerous Woman had the world grooving already with the lyric video with Ariana Singing and dancing in her oversized purple coat and two bun look. The new music video featuring Future however takes the lyric video idea to a new level as it goes on to celebrating love amongst everyone with the singer performing by the side. 
The music video treats us with Ariana doing almost the exact same thing, but instead of on a black backdrop, she's on a street curb. The next thing we see is the singer hanging out in a laundromat, and the video ultimately ends with her on a bus while couples in every scene express their love. The music video also features Future in s similar act witnessing the steamy romance in an office background. 
The peppy track from Ariana’s album Dangerous Woman aims to spread the idea of celebrating love of all stripes:young, old, black, white, gay, straight.Ariana recently collaborated with John Legend on the new theme for Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast film.The music video dropped on the 26th of February, Sunday and already has more than 1.1 million views. 
Catch the Official video of the track:

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