Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Eijaaz Khan on his Women’s day and what it means to him

Eijaaz Khan looked absolutely the dashing Sarpanch on the sets of Sony Entertainment television’s new show “Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dahgey” dressed in a traditional Guarati ensemble with a colorful headgear, he made ethnic look suave something that only he can pull do ! on being asked his views on women’s day he said that  “ Empowerment of women is not just a urban concept, it has been part of our culture for a very long time, having spent three weeks in a village situated in Gujarat , I have been witness to the work that is done by these women and the importance they get in the family. 
The voice of women is heard and not subdued she is the boss of the house and what she says goes. Their opinion is valued, for example when it came to deciding the level of gauge to be used in their homes it was the women who made the call. A committee was formed of the wives of village former leaders ( Sarpanch ) which controlled the flow of water in reference to consumption use keeping in mind the importance of water consumption. 
Times have been changing and education has played a very important role in women empowerment, and we can see that change in villages , education is free for all and the first day of a girl child in school is a matter of celebration , the school authorities and the Village leader ( sarpanch ) felicitates her with sweets and garlands making her feel special one of the main reasons why the  number of drop outs of girls from schools has decreased. Women are special in themselves and you don’t need a separate day to celebrate them every day is a celebration“  

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