Saturday, March 25, 2017

Meet The Real Heroes of “The Finest Hours

Heroes are made at any moment of one’s journey. For Coast Guards manning the volatile seas, their lives are constantly at stake in an effort to provide safety through sacrifice and hardship. Bringing to life the valor and honor of the Coast Guard, Star Movies Select HD will premiere the true story of the heroic Bernie Webber and his crew in the film ‘The Finest Hours’ on 25th March, Sunday at 9pm. 
The movie revolves around work of the men, who portray utmost dedication and strength to face the rough seas and rescue the crew of the stricken T2 tanker SS Pendleton, which had broken in half during a horrific storm on February 18, 1952, stranded at the perilous sea. The Struggles of these real life heroes has been portrayed by some of the finest actors of cinema. Let’s take a look at a few of them.
Bernard Webber

With Bernard Webber leading the team of three men who were real-life heroes and an inspiration to all. His role on screen is represented by Award winning actor- Chris Pine, who brought the intensity of the character to screen effortlessly. Bernie’s simplicity was the reason Chris chose to do the film.
Richard Livesey

Livesey was Bernie’s seamen who sailed with him on the rough sea to save the men. His role was essayed by the talented actor Ben Foster. The X man Star, Ben Foster has always charmed us all with his brilliant performance as a supporting cast in almost every movie winning great accolades.
Andrew Fitzgerald

Last of the three men who travelled on the boat was Andrew Fitzgerald. He was Bernie’s engineman who volunteered to help when of them most backed out, stating the mission was impossible. His role was represented by Kyle Gallner. Kyle has made a niche in the cinema world with his brilliant roles in the genre of horror and does not let us down as he plays the role of the supportive engineer for the rescuing team.
Ervin Maske

John Magaro, American film, television and stage actor played Ervin Maske. Erwin was a newcomer and had no experience at all, however, his determination to save the men was what got him onto the life boat! The television Star and Prisoners of War actor has won hearts with his stupendous performances through the intense cinematic style receiving critical acclamations.
Miriam Pentinen

Holliday Grainger played Bernie’s love interest Miriam Pentinen in the film. Even though she wasn’t on the boat her character had a very strong influence on Bernie’s life and the same was established in the film! Starting her career as  Stage Artist followed by bagging a role in popular TV Series Showtime, Holliday came to be known as one of the finest actresses of the era along with playing Cinderella and Jan Eyre.

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