Thursday, March 2, 2017

PEP Asia- The Most Prestigious Asia Level Photography Conference in India Brings To You World’s Best Photographers On One Stage

PEP Asia: Portrait & Event Photography is an initiative to raise the bar of people photography in Asia through community building and education. PEP Asia is a revolutionary event out together by three likeminded individuals from different walks of life- Joseph Radhik, Joshua Karthik and Arjun Rajan, to elevate learning in photography. The three day event spread over 21st to 23rd of April at the Sheila Gopal Raheja Auditorium, Balgandharva Rang Mandir, Mumbai brings to you, for the first time in India, the world's best photographers and creative entrepreneurs with one common goal - conquer the photography challenges unique to the Indian environment. Whether your specialization is weddings, portraits, or travel, everything at PEP Asia is designed to help you scale new heights. The conference is expected to be attended by over 400 photography professionals & enthusiasts from over fifteen cities. 
PEP Asia is led by Joseph Radhik, one of the most illustrious wedding photographers of India and an IPA New York Global First Place Awardee, A Sony India Artisan, a Zeiss Camera Lens ambassador, stands as the Face of PEP,  with the support of the Founder of Stories-Indian wedding photography company, Joshua Karthik and  COO of PEP Inc. and Corporate Moghul Arjun Rajan, they are sure to make waves with their strong intention and dedicated perseverance, giving wings to those who hope to achieve their dreams through their imagination and images. 
“We are attempting to transform photography education in India from the ground up. It is encouraging to see the passion with which Indian photographers approach their craft, and we are delighted to stand with them.” said Mr Joseph Radhik. 
PEP Asia will focus on various aspects of establishing oneself successfully in the stream, the talk covers 360 degrees of space, from Art to Business Leadership and Craft, it ensures well-rounded growth. 
Jerry Ghionis- WPPI Grandmaster, The most influential wedding photographer
Brian Smith- Pulitzer Prize Winner, Sony Imaging Global Ambassador and celebrity portrait photographer
Jesh De Rox- Creator of Moment Design, and an inspiration to tens of thousands of photographers around the world. 
Day one at PEP Asia is a once in a lifetime opportunity as speakers from across the globe will also make short appearances in the evening in a short, fun session designed in a Japanese format for the creatively curious called ‘PechaKucha’. 
Photography goes deeper than cameras, settings and single images, as the three speakers on this day will share lessons learnt over decades making images with profound meaning. Learn to extract true emotion from your subjects, true meaning from imagery, and to stop waiting for opportunity to knock on your door. 
Rashmi Bansal, Author
Joshua Karthik, Founder Stories
Siva Haran, Canada- Fearless Photography Global Top 10
Patrick Colpron, France- Social Media Expert
Jerry Ghionis- WPPI Grandmaster

PEP Asia's Business track is business-school education in a box. Prepare to learn about the things wedding photographers don't discuss - from brand management to up selling albums, from social media strategy to the ideal data workflow, this day is aimed at the professional photographer. Unravel the mysteries of being a creative entrepreneur - whether you're a studio owner or a second-shooting freelancer. 
Siva Haran, Canada- Fearless Photography Global Top 10
Joseph Radhik
Vishal Punjabi
Auditya Venkatesh 
Go beyond the usual, with techniques and lessons from the young rockstars in world photography. Seeking and making great light in normal places, moving on from a candid photographer to a true photojournalist, using location to your advantage, cracking the myth of posing for brilliant portraits in split seconds, and much much more. Spend Day #3 of PEP Asia with us if you're willing to push past the limits of your equipment and go beyond the realms of photography, on to even film making and styling! 
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About PEP Asia:
PEP Asia is the most prestigious photography conference in India, bringing the world's greatest photographers to the Indian stage.

Date- April 21 to 24 2017, Mumbai, India. Limited seats available.

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