Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Miran Production’s play “Once Upon A Time” spread its magic in audience

"Once Upon a Time” a play created by Miran Production finally gave an impactful route to the crowd. The play was held by a brilliant cast, none other than Tom Alter, Charu Shankar, Sunit Tandon.
Basically, it is a repertoire of five short stories based on human emotions and relationships. Such entertaining pieces from everyday life are magnificent in their simplicity. An amalgamation of human psyche and sentiments, there is a tale for every occasion set in reality whether depicting love, longing, anxiety or fear…
Directed by Sujata Soni Bali, it is a unique collection that will make the audience laugh, cry, feel and think, all in a roller-coaster journey of one hour! Carefully curate from different genres and varied in their narration and style, the stories are related in their richness and intensity.
All five stories will get the audience- old and young alike- hooked on to the play with their interesting story line. The five stories are as follows -
Sharifan - A poignant story set at the time of partition; where violence begets violence or could it be the turning point for peace? Original story by Saadat Hassan Manto
The Classroom- A depiction in lighter vein that describes what goes on in the mind of a teacher when she takes her first class. Original story by Sutapa Basu
Last Letter- A touching story about a father who writes his last letter to his daughter on her birthday. Original story by Dipanker Mukherjee
Twenty Questions - An amusing story that shows an interesting conversation between two people who meet in an arranged marriage set up. By Twinkle Pandey

Ek Lamha - An ethereal depiction of a poet finding his muse as he passes by the tenth floor of a building. A true narration by Tom Alter.

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