Thursday, May 4, 2017


Aishwarya Sakhuja has turned over a new leaf. The Trideviyan actor turned vegan two months ago. She says, “I was a non-vegetarian all my life. I relished eating non-vegetarian dishes. However, last year in August, my husband (Rohit Nag) suffered from typhoid, and he was only allowed to eat khichdi. So, I began eating khichdi along with him and something brought about a change in me. I didn’t eat meat ever again.”
While her husband’s illness might have acted as a catalyst that triggered the change of heart, Aishwarya says the documentaries she watched
on an online streaming channel too, “changed her outlook” about life, food and animals. She adds, “I watched a few documentaries on the food and dairy industry, and animals. They opened my eyes. It was a big shock and a reality check.” The actor feels her “ignorance” allowed her to consume dairy in the past. “Humans don’t need dairy or dairy products. Animals are living beings too, and they are tortured to provide for us. The trauma they must be going through is insane. We should understand that as much as the planet is ours, it is theirs too. We have forgotten that. Many people don’t respect animals. That needs to stop.”
The change hasn’t been easy for Aishwarya, who is currently working in a sitcom. She says, “It’s a big decision and many of my friends think that I am mad. The kind of love I had for non-vegetarian dishes was huge. The biggest challenge is avoiding dairy. It’s in so many products that one consumes on a daily basis. I have given up on all the little pleasures in life from biscuit to cake, and so many more items. I also haven’t gone to a vegan dietician, who can help me with supplements to diary. I need to take care of that.” 

Aishwarya says, “ The actor says watching a few documentaries changed her outlook about life, food and animals. My ignorance allowed me to consume dairy in the past. Humans don’t need dairy or dairy products.”

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