Wednesday, May 17, 2017


On Sunday, Alia Bhatt visited the Dahanu Forest Division Office to release ‘Queen’ a rescued green sea turtle, back into the sea. Alia said it was especially moving for her to do this on the occasion of Mothers Day as the turtle was returning to her kids and to mother nature. In India, green sea turtles are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. In the last seven years, the forest department together with a local wildlife rescue organization, Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare Association (WCAWA), have rescued and released over 140 sea turtles among other wildlife. 
Speaking about the rescue, Alia said ‘Queen was found dehydrated, entangled in a fishing net, her body ridden with leeches. Thanks to the efforts put in by Dr. Dinesh Vinherkar and the team at WCAWA (Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare Association), Queen has got a second chance at life. The WCAWA team is working closely with the Dahanu Forest Division Office and the locals to protect wildlife in the region. Each of us must be aware that our actions are affecting the environment. Plastic in our oceans and discarded fishing nets are a potential health hazard to our marine life. We need to start showing compassion, start taking responsibility and start saving our planet. We must coexist flora, fauna, oceans and man- because this planet is not ours alone." 
It is with this goal of coexistence between man, animal and nature, that Alia has undertaken an initiative to educate and engage communities into making the world a better place. "Through Coexist, we shall work towards reducing man-animal conflict, by raising awareness . Those who are as passionate about this cause as I am, could visit our facebook page to know more.” 
About Coexist
Today, the conflict between man and other living beings rages across all continents and beneath our oceans, with the survival of a species being at stake. While man is the largest contributor to ecological imbalance, he also has the ability to have a positive influence on our ecosystem.
Alia Bhatt envisions a world in which man lives in harmony with animals and nature. She believes that each one of us has a responsibility towards our planet and it is time for action. To COEXIST is the first step in this direction.

To know more, please visit the Coexist facebook page :

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