Thursday, May 4, 2017

Building a Legacy :PEP ASIA

The First ever, most prestigious photography conference of the year, PEP ASIA 2017 succeeds on an overwhelming note creating a platform for more than 400 international and national photographers coming together forming the “PEP Community.” 
The initiative to take photography out to another level, by three likeminded individuals Joseph Radhik, Joshua Karthik and Arjun Rajan from different walks of life to create a community designed to help photographers and aspirants to come together on a platform that provides international exposure in their own country buckles up with some grand plans for the upcoming year! 
The Journey of PEP ASIA just does not stop with the smashing success of the photography convention! 
Framing a new colour, PEP pledges to spread the stories of the under privileged with their association with “Rang De” (NGO) for the underprivileged with a vision to create their stories. PEP will donate a portion of the fees that each participant had paid for the conference towards microcredit to low income entrepreneurs and students via their partnership with Rang De along with several activities lined up for Rang De over the year along with  the announcement of PEP ASIA 2018! 
Beyond this, the PEP Community also joins hands together to pledge to bring the stories of the needful to the rest of the world with their photographs with a motto to help them survive, grow and prosper. 
The success of PEP ASIA Conference 2017 reflects by the community  built over  a short span of four days making relations for a lifetime. From 21st to the 24th of April, photographers flew across countries to learn the Art, Business and Craft of Portrait and Event Photography at the hands of the masters of the skill. From Pulitzer Prize Winner Brian Smith to WPPI Grandmaster Jerry Ghionis to Moment Design Photography Creator Jesh De Rox to FEAR LESS photographer Siva Haran to Indian great photographers Joseph Radhik from Stories, Anup J Kat from Sharks and Brides, Vishal Punjabi of “The Wedding Filmer” and one of the world’s top photographer Auditya Venkatesh- PEP ASIA brought together the best of photographers from every stretch of the globe to set the founding stones of the “Stronger Together “ PEP Community. Adding the brilliance to the community were also Media Specialist Patrick Coulpron and famous Indian Author of “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” Rashmi Bansal with their ideas of the ‘world of startup businesses of today.’ 

The legacy of PEP ASIA sets to transform the face of Indian Photography driven by the passion to master the art, to create an identity and to be Stronger Together..


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