Wednesday, May 3, 2017


It is a film with a soul, a film about how love can transform a person. It is Viraam… The End of A Journey, the product of passion of producer Hari Mehrotra and director Ziaullah Khan, that is all set for a world premiere at Marche Du Cannes, this May. 
The cast and crew of film Viraam came together for a promotional familial party of the film at Raheja Classique Club, Andheri West. Seen were actors Narendra Jha and Urmila Mahanta, Producer Hari Mehrotra with Rama Mehrotra, Director Ziaullah Khan and Co-Producer Amankumar D Shah. The film is all set for a World Premiere at Cannes this May. 
The film revolves around Abhiraj Malhotra (Narendra Jha), a widower whose life changes when he meets Matun (Urmila Mahanta), a young woman. But when Abhiraj slowly comes out of the cobweb of pain inspired by Matun’s love, a shocking truth comes to light... what happens next forms the crux of Viraam. 

Starring Narendra Jha, Urmila Mahanta, Monika Ravan, Tripurari Vitthal, Zaid Sheikh,Tripurari Yadav, Sanjay Singh, Kavita Khanna, Gyanendra Bharti, Satish Sharma and Raj Rahat,  the film, directed by Ziaullah Khan, is under the banner Hari Mehrotra Productions, co-produced by Amankumar D Shah, story by Rajeev Yogendranathaand Hari Mehrotra, written by Abdullah Khan-Ziaulllah Khan,dialogues by Abdullah Khan, Ziaullah Khan and Hari Mehrotra, music by Siddhant Mahav, lyrics by Abdullah Khan, Azeem Ziraji, cinematography Sanjay Johny Lal, editor Ashish Arjun Gaiykar. 

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