Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Krishna on a mission to save the treasure kept at Kailash Mountain

BIG Magic’s mythological show Chakradhari Ajaya Krishna has been grabbing viewers’ eyeballs with its riveting storyline in each of its episode. The show revolves around the untold story of Lord Krishna and a new phase in his life where he is seen overcoming challenges by facing them with bravery.Taking the storyline further, the upcoming episodes will showcase Krishna’s mission to save the treasure of all the gods kept at Kailash Mountain. A source close to the production house informs us about the track line, “Krishna wants to complete the task to save the treasure and hence leaves with his friends for the journey to Kailash Mountain. But he comes across many obstacles in his journey which were created by demon Viktasur.”Furthermore the source elaborates, “While Krishna and his friends are on their way, they are attacked by elephants sent by Viktasur. Krishna is unaware about the evil plans of demon Viktasur and fights through the obstacles coming his way.”Will Krishma be able to overcome demon Viktasur’s evil plan? What is the motive of Viktasur? To know more, stay tuned to Chakradhari Ajaya Krishna every Monday to Thursday at 6pm only on BIG Magic

Balasaheb made the common man into superman: Sanjay Raut

On the eve of Shiv Sena Foundation Day, 52 years after the party was founded by Sena Supremo Balasaheb Thackeray,  MP Sanjay Raut, Nawa...