Sushant Singh Rajput undergoes training in Bangkok for his next

With massive anticipation surrounding his upcoming film Raabta, Sushant Singh Rajput hopes his hard work pays off – The star went all out for the film and even took a 3 week sabbatical to train in Bangkok ,where he studied gymnastics and underwent advanced weapon training for his role in the film.Sources reveal that in the flashback sequences in the movie, Sushant plays a character known for his fighting skills and director Dinesh Vijan wanted the introduction sequence to be larger-than-life and have complex choreography. Adds the source, “ Sushant had to confront an army of 10 men on a long, 6 foot strip of land in the middle of the river . The scene had to justify the reputation of his character of being the best skilled fighter and hence had very challenging stunts and choreography. On the day of the shoot infact it rained heavily and the water submerged the strip of land. However, instead of calling the shoot off the team decided to go ahead and shoot”.Says Sushant, “We went ahead with the shoot, maybe because we were confident of my preparation (smiles). In fact, we finished before the stipulated time. That is one of the most interesting sequences of the film.”

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