Tuesday, June 13, 2017


The 32 year old singer dropped her new album, Witness, exclusively live on YouTube last week on the 9th of June by inviting her fans to countdown with her for the album release. Perry had previously released three tracks of the album before the official release date and this time around she has collaborated with several artists that feature in various tracks of the album, which is co-produced by Max Martin and Katy Perry. ‘Witness’ was released with the idea of being an electronic album and requires minimal remixing and from what it seems is known as the ‘thump thump pop radio of 2017’. The songs featured in the album suggest that disco will be the key influencer in the album’s sound.

In her latest creation, Perry reveals that the changes in and around her life alongside the 2016 election trauma had driven her to create this album. The two most appreciated songs from the album, ‘Bon Appetit’ and ‘Chained to the rhythm’ have successfully managed to reach the Billboard ‘Hot 100’, with Chained to the rhythm being at number 4 on the list. ‘Chained’ also features Skip Marley while ‘Bon Appetit’ features Migos. Another fun addition to the album is ‘Swish Swish’ graced by Nicki Minaj and gives you a reason to groove to the song. The album is still garnering responses from across the world, 3 days post its release.

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