Friday, June 16, 2017

My Father Is A Hero by Nishant Kaushik

My Father Is A Hero, the sixth novel by bestselling author Nishant Kaushik is one of the few books on children’s behavioral changes in the transitional stage to become an adolescent, written from a father’s point of view. 
The novel, My Father Is A Hero, features the story of the father-daughter duo, Vaibhav Kulkarni and Nisha Kulkarni. My Father Is A Hero is a heartfelt novel written with warmth and humor and throws light on life’s practical advice with a keen observation on children's mannerisms, their need to be understood and loved, and the reality of divide that exists between adolescents and their parents. 
About the book: Vaibhav Kulkarni has had few accomplishments worth boasting about in his modest life and career. Yet, his happy universe lies intact in the love and pride his ten-year-old daughter inspires in him. 
Nisha Kulkarni justifies every reason to be the favorite child of Pune’s premier school-be it her academic brilliance, her exceptional facility with music, or simply her unassuming charm. With his daughter showing promising signs of a stellar success story, Vaibhav has made peace with own unrequited dreams of the past. 
But when the girl mysteriously starts losing mojo and spirals into despair and seclusion, Vaibhav faces the toughest test of his life as single father – to reclaim his child’s trust and happiness. What distance will a middle-class man with limited means go to show his daughter the merit in believing in a dream? Read this gripping tale of love, courage, and of the emergence of an ordinary man as an extraordinary hero. 

The talented author, Nishant Kaushik has previously written five bestselling novels in various genres, “Watch out We Are MBA”, “A Romance with Chaos”, “Chaos Down Under”, “Good Boy Joe”, and  “Conditions Apply” for a very wide readership fan following base.


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