Friday, June 16, 2017


Selena Gomez, one of the most phenomenal singers in her generation finally released the much awaited video to her song ‘Bad Liar’ yesterday. After hinting on social media, Gomez launched the video-short film-mystery. The singer had previously only dropped the audio version of the song which made her fans enthusiastically keen for the video’s release. The fascinating video features Selena in multiple roles and this is contrary to the singer’s previous videos. Each person that is shown in the video is played by Gomez making it an intriguing video for its viewers. The video directed by Jesse Peretz and starts off with Gomez biking to school shortly after which she is seen wandering about the hallways at school.  It has a distinct 70s style, Selena from the role of a teacher, a mother to a gym class teacher- this engaging video has left fans amazed and also baffled at the same time as this video takes a different turn completely  unseen by Gomez previously. 

The Video released today has already gained more than 8 million view on VEVO/YouTube and the Audio Version of the song gained more than 27 Million Views as well. Selena on her social media shared posters of the video saying, ‘Bad Liar’ in anticipation for the release of the single and shots from the video as well.

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