Thursday, June 15, 2017

“Shah Rukh Khan's Doodle-cum-drawing on Paris, c.1997- 98 in Osian's Forthcoming Auction is a published, authentic artwork.”

The Osian’s Greatest Indian Show on Earth 2 (22nd June 2017) is a very much talked about auction with original artworks by Satyajit Ray, Mani Kaul, Shah Rukh Khan, Deepti Naval, among others, to a focus on film legend - Dilip Kumar; from a focus on the cinematic epic, Mughal-E-Azam, to the unique jubilee trophies of Bobby, Deewaar and others; from original publicity-material art for Andaz (1949), Anari (1959), Guide (1965), Deewaar (1973) and others to rare vintage twelve and six-sheeter posters of Kranti (1981), Kal Aaj aur Kal (1971) and others; from a focus on the Kapoors – first family of Indian Cinema to rare posters, showcards, lobby cards, photographic stills from the golden 1950’s period to the era of Amitabh Bachchan to the current trinity of Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan. 
Noted critic-filmmaker Khalid Mohammed had consigned various Lots for Osian's The Greatest Indian Show on Earth 2 Auction, including a drawing by M.F. Husain during the filming of Gajagamini, a collage painting inspired by Zubeida Memories and later used as a backdrop for a Shyam Benegal documentary, and a concerned doodle-drawing by Shah Rukh Khan. 
The Shah Rukh Khan Sketch was created by the actor when requested for by Mr. Khalid Mohammed who was then the Editor of Filmfare and Editing a Special Supplement for the Economic Times on Paris during the 1998-99 period. 
To make the supplement more interesting than simply a business feel, Khalid Mohammed requested Shah Rukh Khan to create a drawing on his Paris Experience and so this sketch was completed by Shah Rukh and thereafter kindly gifted to Khalid, where it has been for nearly twenty years in his collection. The drawing was published in the ET Supplement with full acknowledgement to Mr Khan. 
Further, over two years ago this sketch was published on the web site (link attached: making a competitive element between Salman and Shah Rukh's artistic skills when it was acknowledged by all concerned.
Now, with the doodle coming up for auction at nearly two lakh, two decades later, it makes for an interesting story. More, so when someone however insignificant, raises their voice on the authenticity of the doodle.

In response to this false and baseless accusation, Osian spokesperson states, “The SRK doodle  in our forthcoming Auction is absolutely authentic. It was made two decades ago and published as well. Naturally, such a small drawing would be forgotten by everyone and now that questions regarding authorship are being raised by stray voices, it is imperative we put all the facts on the table as normally it is a policy not to give specifics of the owners of the consigned artwork to the public unless essential and specifically requested for by the potential clients. We hope these facts clarifies the authenticity of the artwork and that if any further questions exist they can be addressed directly to Osian's Communications Team or the Naarad PR Communications Team.”


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