Monday, June 26, 2017

Tanvi Thakkar: All the 6 screens playing my film were houseful

Actress Tanvi Thakkar, whose Gujarati film ‘Aav Taru Kari Nakhu’ released this month, is quite happy with the response she got for her role. She says, “The response to ‘Aav Taru Kari Nakhu’ is amazing. Since it's a family entertainer for all classes and age groups, all kinds of people are liking and appreciating the film.”
In fact, the actress was overjoyed when she saw how well her film is being received in Gujarati speaking states. Recalling an incident, she says, “The film is running very successfully in Gujarat. When I went to a multiplex in Ahmedabad, all the 6 screens playing my film were houseful and people were laughing and hooting throughout. It felt so good to see your film being appreciated by the audience.” 
Tanvi had a ball of a time working with her co-actors Aditya Kapadia, Tiku Talsania and  Amar Upadhyay. About Aditya, she says, “Aditya and I have worked in the past in a show called ‘Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum’, where we played siblings. He is very quick and delivers his best in no time. I am always amazed watching him perform.” Watching Tiku Talsania perform was also a fun experience for her. She shares, “Tiku Talsania has a great sense of comedy. It is always a pleasure to see him perform. But what's most amazing about him is how much he loves his craft. He was shuffling between his plays and this film, so he would travel every day between Ahmedabad and Surat, but there was not one complain or groan from him. It shows that he is in love with what he does. Amar, too, is a very confident actor. That's one thing I really admire about him.” 
As an actor, Tanvi is not at all choosy and says that the medium does not matter to her until the role she is essaying is fulfilling. She revealed, “Bollywood or television or digital or ads I am in here to act and whatever interests me I would do that. I always believe it's better to shine on television than do a foolish role in a film. But if I do get a good film, then why not? Also, wow that my Gujarati has improved, I would definitely like to do a lot more work. As an actor, I wouldn't like to do limited kind of roles. I want to do from comedy to drama, from an urban to rural films. And, now that my Gujarati has improved, I would definitely like to do a lot more work.”

Way to go, Tanvi. We are sure we will be seeing a lot more of you from now on!

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